Beef Orders

Once you start enjoying the lean beef which is the result of grass feeding, you won’t go back to grain fed. The taste and health benefits are outstanding!

Our next orders will be for April 27, 2023 processing.

Beef is available for pickup approximately 4 – 5 weeks after processing date.

Quarter:             $4.35 / lb (hanging weight)
Side or Whole:             $4.25 / lb (hanging weight)

Buying directly from us results in great prices for you. Compare these prices to other Grass Fed Beef suppliers and you will see the value. We also sell beef to suppliers, but when you buy directly from us, you save 25-30%. Prices are for hanging (cold carcass) weight.   

Deposit required: $600 whole or side; $300 quarter. Deposit is payable by cash or check at the time of order. Balance is due after slaughter, when hanging weight is available. Balance must be paid at least one week before pickup.

Quarter beef orders are taken only for split side. Front quarter or Hind quarter orders are not available.

Our beef average a cold hanging weight of 800 pounds, which yields a packaged weight of approximately 480 pounds. (How much is that? A quarter beef yields about 120 pounds of packaged beef. You are probably familiar with the box size of a carton of office paper, with 10 reams in it. A quarter beef would fill about 3 cartons. See “Freezer Space” for details.)

Fees charged by the processor:  Slaughter fee is $65. Offal fee is $20 per animal. Hide disposal fee is $20. Processing and packaging fee is $0.95/lb hanging weight. Beef Patties (optional) in 5 lb. boxes are additional $1.29/lb. Prices subject to change by the processor without notice. Fees for processing and packaging are paid directly to the processor at time of pickup.

This results in approximate total costs (calculated with average whole beef hanging weight of 800 lbs.)

whole total = $ 4,265 = $8.89 / lb packaged

side total = $ 2,133 = $ 8.89 / lb. packaged

quarter total = $ 1,086 = $ 9.05 / lb. packaged

The beef will be processed in Mount. Airy, MD at Wagner’s Meat Locker.  604 N. Main St., Mount Airy, MD 21771 Your order will be frozen for pick-up.